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Parham Data Products provides Multimedia programming complete with image capture and 3D animation facilities.

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The (now obsolete) logo shown left was used in an introduction screen of a Multimedia program that demonstrates the unique features of customer equipment.

On the multimedia presentation, the logo above is displayed in a much higher resolution than shown here and it smoothly rotates about its axis.

Multimedia programs are distributed on CD-ROM or a series of diskettes. Such programs have a lot of user interaction and work much like Home Pages except they are faster and usually higher quality.

Multimedia programs contain audio, video and text to make effective demonstrations for sales or training. Of course, the user does not need to have any special hardware to run the presentation program.

The video on a multimedia presentation does not typically need to be severely limited in size like it does on the World Wide Web. Because of this, we can create truly stunningly realistic 3D models and make complicated animations to describe your idea. In addition to animations, we can use live or videotaped footage incorporated in the presentation.

This is a sample of a 3D model of a device used in the oil production industry. It is difficult to show this device in action, since it is designed to be used under high pressure and force. The multimedia program effectively describes its proper use and its unique benefits.

Above is a close-up of the lower section of the same device.

...and still another oil well completion device.

In addition to the excellent sales and training benefits gained from multimedia programs, we have actually made order entry a part of some of our multimedia programs.

Order entry functions are often useful when selling to a group or where large blocks of orders may be taken. The person viewing the demonstration can select to enter an order which communicates with the company by modem on the Internet or direct dial, or can print an order form to be mailed by the customer. The same functions allow the customer to check the status of his orders and make other communications with the company!

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