Multimedia Demo Download Page

You can download a Multimedia Demonstration for your PC on this page. The demo was written in late 1993 and early '94 and its target audience was i386 PC's with very early VGA cards. Because of this, nearly any PC can run this demo.

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The Multimedia Demo was written to illustrate oilfield equipment and will briefly describe current PBR Oil Well completions technologies and show how to install a PBR device within the well.

The system requirements are minimal. Any PC with 5Mb disk space, a VGA card and 640Kb RAM can run this program on MS-DOS, Windows3.1, Windows95, WindowsNT or OS/2. The demo is archived as a self extracting file, which may require 2Mb RAM to extract.

To install the demo, simply download and decompress the files into a directory on your system. Using an MS-DOS Prompt, go to the install directory and type PARHAM to run. Alternatively, you may wish to setup a program icon for the demo and run it from your desktop using the following instructions. See the included READ.ME document file for options and additional notes.

OS/2 users: Create program objects on your desktop for the files AAWIN.EXE and PARHAM.BAT. The "Settings - Program" property for each object must have the working directory listed and the "Settings - General" icon file is PARHAM.ICO. Title the PARHAM.BAT object as "Multimedia Demo" and the AAWIN.EXE object as "Animation Viewer." Both programs run very well on OS/2. Enable AUDIO_ADAPTER_SHARING and leave all other settings as default. This will allow you to use SOUND and MIDI options in the demo.

WindowsNT users: Create shortcuts on your desktop for the files AAWIN.EXE and PARHAM.PIF. Use the same title and icon as listed for OS/2 users. The Multimedia Demo will run on WindowsNT in VGA mode only. In some instances, running the demo in SVGA mode will mode will cause NT to crash. You cannot use the Sound Blaster option in the demo under NT because Windows has full control of the sound board; however, you may be able to disable Windows sounds to run the demo with sound and then re-enable Windows sounds afterward. The Animation Viewer will run fine.

Windows95 users: Create shortcuts just like NT users. Both the Multimedia Demo and the Animation Viewer run on Windows95. You cannot use the Sound Blaster option with Windows95 unless you select the [no sound] scheme in "Control Panel - Sounds". You may disable Win95 sound support temporarily to run the demo and then re-enable Win95 sounds afterward. You may also wish to name and save your current Win95 sound scheme so you can easily re-enable your Windows sound settings.

Windows3.1 users: Create a program item for the files AAWIN.EXE and PARHAM.PIF. The Animation Viewer is a Windows3.1 program and the Multimedia Demo has been confirmed to work on Windows3.1 systems with as little as 380Kb free base memory. When using the Sound Blaster option, turn SOUND on but turn MIDI off.
MS-DOS users: The Multimedia Demo program will run on MS-DOS, but the Animation Viewer will not.

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