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Parham Data Products

P.O. Box 5811
Bella Vista, AR 72714


  • Artificial Intelligence in our Organization - PowerPoint (14.9Mb)
  • Microservices - What they are and how they benefit us - PDF (555Kb)
  • Aliza Application - Spring Boot "chatbot" - using OpenAI API (34Kb)
  • Spring Boot "Expert" Business Rules Engine Toolkit with Rest API (2.2Mb)
  • Spring Boot Translator Lookup Table with Rest API (672Kb)
  • TestX Rules Engine for Automated End-to-End Testing (753Kb)
  • cc65 C compiler with Synertek Systems Sym-1 lib and config files (3.77Mb)
  • 3D Graphics Deluxe Tutorial, 3D Modeler and Povray 2.1 Renderer (1.35Mb)
  • Povray 2.1 C source code (462Kb)
  • Povray 3.0 executables and libraries for PC's (2.95Mb)
  • Povray 3.0 C source code (1.18Mb)
  • General Protection Fault Video file (416Kb)
  • Tiamat Dispatch Agent Software "Mirror" Utility (58Kb)
  • Contact! Telemarketing Program Demo (180Kb)
  • Tubing Movement Analysis Program (538Kb)
  • Original Zork C source code and executable for PC's (429Kb)
  • Jinx text adventure game for PC's and other platforms (803Kb)
  • Altair 8800 Resources - Source code and documentation
  • Sym-1 Resources - Source code and documentation
  • Inmos Transputer Resources - Source code and documentation