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One of the most rapidly growing sectors of the internet is that of discussion groups, message boards and forums.

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These are virtual gathering rooms, used for company support, group discussions and enjoyment. There are several varieties, but the earliest and most popular is based on Matt Wright's WWWBoard. We've taken that format, and made a much more versatile, robust and attractive messageboard with a similar look and feel.

See our WWWBoard Support forum for a demonstration, and for Q & A about the system.

The original WWWBoard is an excellent discussion board, but it had several places that we felt it could be improved. So we set about making the changes that we felt it really needed. We've made significant improvements in security, features and administration. We've also made the look of post and reply forms more attractive. So we feel our version retains the simple utility of the original program while improving on it where it really needed it.

One thing that is most attractive about the WWWBoard is that it is easy for search engines to crawl and index. Web pages generated by participants posts quickly become part of the search engines all over the world wide web. This helps word of your message board grow quickly, as every new post has a potential to bring traffic through search results of its contents. Another thing that is attractive is its simple layout and easy-to-use interface. People become aquainted to the WWWBoard system almost immediately.

You can still get the original WWWBoard from Matt Wright for free. There are other improved versions for sale, such as the one sold by HWired for $100.00. But we feel ours is well worth the additional cost, because we've taken the best of those and spent hundreds of hours making the improvements we wanted most. Check out these extra features:

Automatic Archive Feature
The Automatic Archive feature moves old posts off the main page and into archives that are easy to find. This feature is configured in the administration screen, so you can set the number of posts allowed on the main page and what amount triggers an autoarchive.

Username Registration
You have several options for access control. The board can be left open so that anyone can post or you can enable registration. If registration is enabled, you can set the board so that the user must register to read posts, or just in order to write them. You can also set the system so that registration isn't required, but a username can be registered in order to protect the name. This leaves the board open to the public for reading and writing, but allows users to protect their identities.

Built-in configurable banner ad support

Support for multiple boards

Improved search feature

Improved post and reply forms

Improved administration page

And many other enhancements

There are numerous other small enhancements, and in some ways, they are what make the system most attractive to the users. As an administrator, you will appreciate those listed above. But your membership will appreciate the look and feel, and its the "little things" that really make that what it is. Please look at one of these fine sites using the Parham Data Products WWWBoard for an example of what you can do:


    Support and Services
    The Parham Data Products WWWBoard is $395.00, and if you're familiar with WWWBoard installation, you'll find it easy to install and setup. We will install the system on your website for $50.00. Additional boards are $25.00 each. Customization is available, so
    please write with your requirements and we'll send you a bid. We're also available for Perl and CGI programming.

    You can buy the Parham Data Products WWWBoard system, download it and install it yourself. Support is available on the WWWBoard Support Forum. After purchase, download is available immediately.