PARHAM DATA PRODUCTS has been building and designing custom printed circuits and systems since 1984. Our specialty traditionally has been communications and industrial control, having engineered printed circuit cards for several Fortune 500 companies. While we specialize in prototyping and custom design engineering, we have the capability to provide quantities as high as 2000 per month and have demonstrated that ability with our customers who have required it.

One of our most ambitious projects was in the field of massively parallel processing. We design and build multiprocessor systems based on the Inmos T800, T9000 and Intel i860 processors. An exciting in-house use of this technlogy has been high speed imaging and rendering of 3D images.

Parham Data Products is a sole proprietorship led by Wayne Parham. We are closely coupled with several independant subcontracting programmers, artists and technicians. Prototyping and development is typically done in-house and manufacturing is done here is small quantities. For large scale manufacturing contracts and for large programming jobs, some of the work is subcontracted to high quality firms with whom we have developed long term relations.

Parham Data Products

P.O. Box 5811
Bella Vista, AR 72714