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Jinx [message #88830] Tue, 24 August 2021 17:37 Go to next message
Wayne Parham is currently offline  Wayne Parham
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Registered: December 2000

This is "old school" so if you're into the latest and greatest graphics, don't bother reading this post. But if you like text-based adventure games like Colossal Cave and Zork then read on.

I recently started feeling nostalgic about those old games and the computers that you ran 'em on. So I dusted off some of my old systems and started rooting around, finding those old games. I eventually decided to write my own.

Check it out:
Multiple platforms are supported. There are versions for old computers like the Apple II but there are also versions for newer systems. Find yours, go into the directory listed for your system and click the "Jinx" program to play.
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Wayne Parham is currently offline  Wayne Parham
Messages: 12
Registered: December 2000

I thought I'd add some screen shots, so you could see what the game is all about. No cheats though - I don't want to ruin it for you - but I will give you one little hint, directions how to make your first score.

So here's the first screen shot, the entry page. This is the first thing you'll see when you start the game:

Pretty cool, huh? It's not like the new games with stunning graphics, but rather more like reading a book. You interact with your environment by typing instructions.

You can give directions to go wherever you want to go. You're standing just south of the house, so you can approach it and enter by going north. Or you can go other places to the south, west, east or northeast.

As you can see below, I chose to go west. That took me to an old school, which I tried to enter. It appears that the school is all boarded up. That's true of many places in this game, because the town is said to have been abandoned. But there are a lot of places that are still open too. You'll have to find out which ones are which.

After I went to the old school, I then went north, then east and then north again. There I found a coin!

Checking my score, I see that obtaining that coin earned me five points. That's great! So next I tried to go west, but found that wasn't an option. No path to the west, no way to go that way. Instead, I retraced my last steps back to the house. I went south, then west, south again and then back east. That brought me back to the house.

I went inside, examined my surroundings by typing "look" and then placed my coin in the living room. Checking my score again, I see that the points I earned by getting the coin had doubled. That's the goal - To get resources and bring them back to the house.

There are actually other houses you can use as "safe houses" too. You can choose any of them you want, as long as it isn't boarded up. If you can enter a house, you can make it your own and put your stuff there.

Most things are just resources you'll need to stockpile to survive. A few items are useful during your travels, for things you might need to do in the game. But in the end, you'll want your stuff in a house.

When you find an item, be sure to examine it and/or read it. If it's valuable, you'll want to get it and eventually take it home. Even if it's not valuable, it might be worth taking. You certainly want to examine it and/or read it because it may have clues that will tell you what you might need to do. Some of the items are just interesting, maybe telling you something about the area. Other things tell you stuff you might want to know.

I won't give you any more details, because that could spoil the game for you. But I will leave you with this one last screen shot, a place in the game far from your home. Smile

Happy adventuring in Jinx!
Re: Jinx [message #88837 is a reply to message #88835] Thu, 16 September 2021 17:32 Go to previous message
Wayne Parham is currently offline  Wayne Parham
Messages: 12
Registered: December 2000

Do any of you Tulsans recognize some of the places in Jinx? Did you know all the lore mentioned in the game? Some of it is pretty strange and interesting, isn't it?!!

I wanted to let you know that the fastest you can complete the game is somewhere around 300-350 turns. That's also about the time your risk level rises to a potentially lethal level - If you haven't started gathering some of the more important supplies you'll need and/or solved the thing you need to do to "save the world" - then your risk of getting killed grows to the point you'll probably die. If you don't do anything but walk around, you'll probably be killed somewhere between 300 and 500 turns. But you'll see a lot of interesting stuff!

If you do gather the right stuff and use it properly, you can live forever and have an unlimited number of turns. And of course, if you "save the world," you can play forever too. So there is more than one way to extend the game for as many turns as you need to get all the items in a house and to do anything else you want to do. You can get a perfect score of 300 at any time - at any number of turns - provided you haven't permanently lost some items, which is possible too.

So but the fastest you can possibly get a perfect score is somewhere around 300 turns. Might be an interesting metric to try to hit - Getting 300 points in the least number of turns.
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