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Parham Data Products provides a variety of custom programming services from industrial control for PDP or vendor supplied equipment to multimedia presentation programs.

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Examples of Custom Programming By PARHAM DATA PRODUCTS

Contact! Call Center System. The Contact! system is a call center and sales management program. Prospective customers are assigned to one or more promotionals and can be assigned to specific callers in workgroup environments. Unlike many contact managers, this program stores inventory items and has extensive order entry functions. Contact! is designed to generate invoices and sales reports directly and connects with enterprise accounting software for back-end processing.


Smart View. is a real estate property database that augments the MultiList Service. It is an easy-to-use database with walk through views that help homebuyers locate a new home.


This is the Parham Data Products Document Management System. One of the most unique features of this program is its ability to display the described document in a window. The document can be in an almost endless variety of formats from word processors and spreadsheets to AutoCAD. Once you have thousands of documents on your systems, it is often difficult to locate them and this is a tool to catalog them. It is almost a necessity for workgroups!


This program is another Windows program that is used to analyze the conditions of an oil well tubing string. The user enters the conditions of the well such as temperature, pressure and tubing type (weight) and the program analyzes the well. It is important to know if the proposed well is a viable solution that will not damage the equipment or tubing or do something dangerous like explode or shoot the tubing string out of the well. With this program, the user can propose a series of "what-if" queries to determine the optimum well completion type.

We have written several industrial control, database, utility and general computing programs. If you have a programming need that you can describe, we would love to write the code for you!

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